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Hi ladies

I’m back and today We are praying about something I pray never finds its way into your homes because it is horrible, devastating and can totally destroy a marriage.

Sadly a lot of men believe the lie that it’s no big deal especially if they treat their wives well. They say it’s just sex. It’s separate from what I have with my wife and it hasn’t turned my heart away from her. I still love my wife it’s just a mistake or it’s simply a weakness I’m dealing with.

Hmmm…. adultery is evil. I will probably do a post on it some other time but for now watch excerpts from a message I preached recently THE BIGGEST LIE.

It’s your body your husband is using to commit adultery. And you cannot say it’s not your business. It’s your business because it’s your body and if you are not aware you can still catch a disease and DIE! (0 – 1 million right? Yeah I know I can be dramatic like that but only because this is so important)

So today the prayer is simple.

You are praying

1. That your husband will be preserved from adulterous relationships because his desire will be for you. He will find his satisfaction in you.

2. That your husband will drink waters from your own well and not from another woman.

3. That your breasts will satisfy him always and he will always be enraptured by your love.

4. That satan will not deceive your husband into trivializing adultery. He will see it as evil and hate it. He will see that satan wants to use it to destroy his life.

5. That if your husband has begun to engage in adulterous acts that he will make a turn around today. Repent sincerely and consecrate himself back to God and your marriage vows.

6. From today he will find every other woman sexually repulsive.

if your husband has been engaged in adultery. You have 2 choices and the truth is neither of them are easy choices. But you must make a decision.

1. Walk away – you have a right to but divorce is never easy and it’s even more complicated when there are kids involved.


2. Stay and help him find his way back (especially if he’s repentant) but you must forgive and not let it hang over your heads forever.

Either way it is a hard and long journey back to recovery. Find someone you can trust and let them help you or send me an email on pastorm@justusgirlsnaija.

Let me say this before I go.

Even if your husband is cheating on you and you don’t know be rest assured God is fighting for you. Just keep praying.

God bless you darlings.


Pastor M

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