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Hello darlings

How are we doing? I’m getting ready to go to church. Are you still in bed? Any plans to go to church? I hope so ….

It’s day 10. We have 21 more to go. I’m sure there are already testimonies brewing.

Please start sending them in so we can encourage each other. If you have a testimony please send to

Okay so today we are still praying in line with protecting your home from adultery. This is one of the most devastating things any marriage can deal with. Most marriages don’t survive it. Even if the two parties stay together and usually because of the kids they never really recover or go back to really being husband and wife.

Now you need to understand that satan hates marriages and loves divorce. He simply loves anything God hates and God hates divorce.

Interestingly these days your husband doesn’t even need to be the kind of man that goes after girls. If anything the association of side-chicks are getting more daring. They don’t even hide anymore and even worse they now market themselves. They have social media accounts on which they run sponsored ads.

But there’s no need to enter panic mode as a Christian wife or FBI mode for that matter. One of the things I will say to you prophetically by the spirit of God is that this will be a very difficult year for the side- chicks. This is the year of vengeance.

It will even be worse for all those “friends” who are the real enemies. Friends sleeping with their friends husbands. Cousins taking over their cousins homes.

God is going to visit them with disaster and destruction. This is the war plan as he downloaded it to me

When he is done with Tyre (one of the side chicks) and totally makes all the money she is collecting from your adulterous husband useless the effect will be so disastrous that Ashkelon and Gaza (other side chicks ) will see it and fear. Ah! They will fear your God. They will NEVER come near your home again. Ekron’s life will be a complete dead end -useless. Gaza will be widowed. As for Ashdod who thinks she can mess up your home and get married happily well, let’s just say it’s a trap because she will end up with a villain. These are just a few of the many things that will happen to them.

My darlings relax. God is not weak. He’s not blind. Neither is he lazy. As far as you are a daughter of our king go and rest in the place of prayer. The battle is on and God will chastise the man but he will be merciful because of you and if he is repentant.

And God will defend your home so it never happens again. You are his daughter. He doesn’t want you to hurt.

Any one who has ever tried to mess up your home will pay. God is a mighty warrior. Our God is champion.

Let me say it again. If you as a wife have a covenant with God then be rest assured that your covenant partner who is incidentally the covenant protector and enforcer is on your side. He will make a mess of the lives of anyone who is trying to destroy your marriage.

Just look at Abraham’s life. Someone was trying to take his wife and this was God’s response. He went to threaten the life of the king. Listen God is the same.

He does not change.

So today this is our prayer

We will pray

1. That your husband will never be in the clutches of any and every strange woman and if he is already that he will be set free. Even if he is a Lawful captive that he is set free.

2. Anyone who tampers with or threatens the covenant of your marriage will certainly die* Both to your husband and physically if need be. Either way they must be out of the way.

*please note that when I pray this prayer it’s not a kill my enemies kind of prayer. Death doesn’t always mean physical because some women tell me of how they’ve prayed and nothing happens to the other woman. I laugh because I know that our God is not a toothless bull dog. When God gets on a matter He does things you will never understand. Some of these girls die to your husband as in he’s literally disgusted by them. Others start to die as in nothing works for them. Some others it’s that they end up miserable in their own marriages. Some never get pregnant. For others they keep losing money. But above all I think the worst kind of death is when God cannot reach them – their hearts are dead to God. Trust me that’s the worst kind of death. Either way trust me there are always consequences for these actions and NONE OF THEM WILL EVER GO SCOTT FREE. This I know for sure.

3. Call forth judgement on all enemies of your covenant. Declare that they will not have peace or rest in their own lives as they have chosen to destroy yours.

4. Invoke your covenant rights and declare that God fights for you and preserves your marriage from disaster.

5. Declare that God keeps your husband from situations that create opportunities for adultery.

In Jesus name

My darlings please even if you are married to a good Christian man dont take these prayers for granted. Satan is after Christian men o!

Besides every man is tempted just Pray that he is protected and delivered from every evil.

Take care darlings

See you tomorrow

Please spread the word. We still have 21 days to go.


Pastor M

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