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Hey people

I’m sooooo exhausted but in a good way. I feel like virtue had left me. ????

Yesterday was amazing at Hannah’s Heart Conference. Where do I even start?

I will put up More pictures later and possibly a blog post but for now let’s focus on praying for our husbands.

Today our focus is on heaven to be open over your husband so that he has what I call the Midas Touch.

So today we will pray

1. That God will open the heavens over your husband.

2. your husband will have his blessings in season. They will be relevant blessings for the season he’s in.

3. He will never need to borrow for anything he does.

4. The work of his hands will be blessed.

In Jesus name.

Okay ladies

I’m out. Heading to church.

See you at 3pm today


Pastor M

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