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Hey ladies

What a weekend it’s been for me. Yesterday after such a lovely service. I got to celebrate with my brother and his wife after 10 years of waiting. Imagine my joy at this baby dedication.

After that I spent the rest of the evening with Efe Nathan and Eno Michael at Deep WatersOh what a night !!!!

Ok so today we are still praying

Today we will pray

1. Thank God that your husband was created on purpose. God had a plan for his life and he will fulfill destiny

2. That your husband will fully understand his purpose and live it out to the fullest

3. That your husband will not miss the mark or the real purpose for which he was created

4. That your husband will not live a wasted life here on earth.

In Jesus name

So I’m heading back to bed. I feel like I just ran a marathon with a ten tonne load of bricks on my back.

God bless you darlings


Pastor M

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