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Hello ladies

How are you ? In the midst of all this faSting and prayers, please find the time to pray for yourself too.

You need to take care of yourself too.

Today our prayer focus is on visible progress

There’s progress and there is visible and continued progress. Aaron’s rod kept showing one level of progress to another and it was clear for all to see. No need for too much explanation. Every one could see it.

Since you came into your husbands life has there been very clear progress the kind that cannot be debated? can he say every year has been better than the last?

Well let’s pray

1. That your husband will make progress that is visible to all. The kind that cannot be debated.

2. That like Aaron’s rod whatever project he is working on will show continued and visible progress. Moving from one level of glory to the next.

3 That your husband will never have a better last year or look over his life with regret

In Jesus name

Love you

Pastor m

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