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Hey ladies

March is here!!!!

Yay!!! So finally it’s time for us to get on with our assignment… like I always say “MARRIAGE IS NOT A REWARD, IT’S AN ASSIGNMENT”

so time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

For all my amazing sisters who are with me in this assignment, this is how it will go.

The fast will run from 6am – 3pm

The plan is not to make you disappear after all a lot of you have been on fasts since the year began. We just need to shut down the body so the spirit can hear clearer.

Every morning prayer focus scripture will be sent out on my Instagram page @pastormildred

And on @justusgirlsnaija

so if you are not following me now would be a good time.

Then at 3pm Nigerian Time join me on IG live to end the prayer for the day together for just about 10 minutes. So that’s 3pm to 3:10pm.



our prayer focus is for our “boaz” (our husbands) the Bible tells us that he was wealthy and influential.

Today we focus on praying that our husbands will come into the fullness of what they were created for.

They will be successful, influential, relevant and live lives they too can be proud of.

They will be the kind of men that their children can be proud of. #legacy

We will pray they will not be satisfied with ordinary.

There will always be an internal push to be more and do more. They will be the head and not the tail.

They will not be content to be kept men where their wives are successful and they are not.

They will make names for themselves in Jesus name.

Okay my darlings I’ve got to run but there are a few more tips for this 31 days that may help you especially if you struggle with praying

Get a Bible – you cannot pray effectively without the word of God

Get a notebook – write the things that you feel God is telling you or areas you feel you need to pray about

Order my Chayil prayer journal book I share prayers I pray for my husband and I will be praying mostly from there these 31 days.

If you don’t have the time to read it no worries I’ve already done that for you but the audio book and slip into your car.

But if you really want to pray then order the prayer cd. I took time to really pray and you can simply pray and worship along with it. I even prayed in tongues that should ginger you ?

To order just click Here

Okay ladies I gotta run.

So much to do.

Love you and keep praying.

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