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Hey ladies

Yesterday was so emotional for me. To be honest with the why-is-it-only-women-that-are-praying-for-marriage? Movement going around I was very concerned that there wouldn’t be so many women still interested in praying for their husbands but God is faithful. I was so encouraged. There’s hope for marriages. Shame on satan. In fact Satan ntoi

At the same time so many heartbroken and hurting women reached out to me. I know you are hurt but we’ve got to do the right thing. It’s hard but if you are going to move past the pain you still need to pray. Hand it over to God.

Read my earlier post on things that will help the prayers work.

But here take this

Now let’s move into today’s prayer


Today we are praying about our husbands being able to manage their emotions especially ANGER.

Too many things in this world can lead to frustration and most people respond with anger.

Many times men make terrible decisions when they are angry. Decisions and actions that they often regret. Thankfully My husband rarely ever gets angry he has an almost annoying habit of laughing things off I on the other hand if not for God am always on a short fuse but when he does get angry it takes a lot to get through to him. So it’s not something I like to see often.

Even if you are the kind of wife that calm your husband down when he’s angry you will not always be with him. Prayer is the only way to ensure that things are always under control.

I’ve even seen women or children end up on the wrong side of that anger. I know a woman whose husband had issues with not being able to control his temper and while he was about to hit her child she threw herself into the mix as a human shield she ended up blind in one eye.

Did he regret his actions? Yes but it was too late. Another concern for me is children learn by watching. Do you want hot tempered kids? #legacy

So here’s what we will pray

1. God will teach him to control his temper

2. No matter the provocation he will not lose his temper

3. Even if he is angry he will not sin or make mistakes.

4. He will be slow to speak , quick to hear and slow to anger and he will direct his energies wisely

5. He will not shut doors, burn bridges or miss opportunities

In Jesus name.

Here’s the video for day 2

God bless you darlings


Pastor M


Before we go. If you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb then please save the date and spread the word please.

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