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Hello ladies just a few more days to go.

Promise me you’ll keep praying though

Today our prayer focus is

Listen ladies when God wants to bless He sends a king. It’s all over the scriptures. Why? Kings don’t pay they reward. Kings don’t pay you what you think you are worth it’s always much more.

Look all over the scriptures God would keep kings away till they remembered a person and blessed them.

In Mordecai’s case if you read the full story of Esther the king even used his biggest enemy to reward him.

Go read it. It’s an amazing story.

Today we pray

1. Every king or helper of destiny you choose to use to bless my husband will remember him.

2. I pray that every enemy of his progress will be used as a tool to bless him.

3. I pray he will stand before kings and not mean or ordinary men.

In Jesus name.

See you later ladies.

And oh! My papa is in town today let me invite you for our special worship service with Rev Albert Oduwole and Efe Nathan.

Plan to be there.


Pastor M

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