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Hey ladies

A few more days to go.

Funny, I’m going to miss you guys.

Today’s prayer is interesting

I used to feel it was a selfish prayer until I realized that if God didn’t think my husband treating me well was such an important part of the equation he wouldn’t have put it in the Bible.

It’s important that he loves and understands me so that his prayers are not hindered.

Secondly it’s important for my children.

He sets standards for my son on what is acceptable and what isn’t in marriage. Think about it most wife-beaters had fathers who beat their mothers so for them, that’s normal.

Finally it shows my daughters the standard that is acceptable. They know what to look out for in a Man. They have healthy references. Any man less loving, passionate or considerate is not an option. They’ve seen first hand what a beautiful marriage can do to a woman.

So today we put Satan and his lies in his place and focus on praying for our husbands to love us right so that their prayers will have effect.

Let us pray that

1. God will teach your husband the right way to love you.

2.Your husband will learn to honor you daily and treat you with understanding.

3.Your husband will become more considerate of you, more thoughtful, more passionate, and more tender towards you.

4. That your husband will begin to see you the way God sees you; as precious and the key to unlocking favor and virtue in his life. Therefore he will treat you the way he should so that his prayers will not be hindered.

In Jesus name.

If this prayer is answered do you see it’s a win win for everyone? So pray it without feeling any atom of guilt.

Ok ladies got to run.

I’m hoping I can put out a video today.


Pastor M

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