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Hello ladies.

It’s 3 weeks. Wow!!! It’s been such a crazy week. All I can think about is how much I need to relax.

Sadly that’s not happening. At least not now ??

We are still praying

Today we pray that

1. your husband will be able to let go of every Lot in his life and that every Lot will leave.

2. Everything keeping your husband from hearing God clearly for his next level will be removed from his life

3. Your husband will have the strength to let go of every Lot in his life and Your husband will not keep chasing the things he should let go of.

In Jesus name

Did you notice it was after lot left that God spoke? Some things are reserved only for you until you fully obey. The instruction was leave your fathers house and your kindred to a land I will show you yet he took his nephew.

Sometimes you cannot access God’s best until there is full obedience. Some people must go for him to see. Remember that , and you will remember to pray this for your husband.

Keep praying darlings.


Pastor m

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