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Hey ladies

It’s day 6 already. Time does fly. It’s amazing how much you can achieve once you set your heart to it.

One thing we’ve set our hearts to is to pray for our husbands. Interestingly when you decide to pray for your husband Satan too can give you many reasons to pick fights rather than pray.

A lot of times we complain about our husbands but my question is would you rather he was dead?

I know that sounds like a very harsh question and some would say I just went from 0 to 1 billion.

But I need you to snap back into reality. Let me tell you I have seen people who have lost their husbands and it is not something I pray for my worst enemy. In fact people really close to me often hear me say “person husband no de die o! Hian!”

It’s better that he’s here with you and you are trying to make things work than for you to lose a partner – no shoulder to cry on, no body warmth, no one to share ideas or raise the children with. Believe it or not no one to get upset with ?

So today we are praying for long life

1. Pray that the Lord will give your husband long life till he is satisfied.

2. Pray that God will be present in his life and his God throughout his life time

3. Pray that your husband will live long and strong until his hair is white with age.

4. Pray that there will be no premature death.

5. Pray that your husband will not miss milestones in your children’s lives.

In Jesus name.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m looking forward to having old people sex with my hottie

Pastor M

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