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Hey ladies

I hope you are getting more passionate about praying for your husband. It’s one of our major assignments so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it.

This above all else is God’s desire for your spouse. My darling if this is God’s will for your husband according to Apostle John then this too should be your prayer for your husband.

And if it is God’s will then it guarantees us an answer.

To be honest that’s the easiest way to get your prayers answered.

So today we pray

1. That your husband will prosper -body, soul and spirit.

2. That your husband will be in health – sickness will not ravage his body.

3. That his soul will prosper – he will have a sound mind, fear will not operate in his mind, no mental health issues emanating from stress.

4. That his soul will find satisfaction in Jesus. He will not be depressed or harbor suicidal thoughts.

5. Above he will experience the Shalom that only comes from God.

In Jesus name.

See you tomorrow

Love you.

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