Hannah’s Heart Devotional Ebook


A devotional for every woman out there who needs a Hannah experience.

How many times have you tried to pray and you start to hear a lot of voices go off in your head? “Prayer! Prayer! Prayer! Does it even work?” “You’ve been praying for years, when will God answer you?” “What of people who have prayed for years with no answer? Even pastors!” “What if you weren’t meant to have a child? It’s destiny.”

I pray that this Prayer Journal helps your heart to shift from fear, anxiety, self-pity, and sadness to faith. I pray that as you study and pray with me, your miracle will begin to unfold. I pray that with every action plan you undertake, the possibility of your testimony becomes more real to you. Above all, I pray that you move from hope to the assurance of faith and as a result, you become a joyful mother of healthy children

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